Kackar Dagi

 Nature is full of surprize in Kackar,
plant and wildlife diversity make everything becoming a portrait of God creation.

                                Full Green

                                                                        Kackar Dagi            

                                Best place for my  dream bath

 Sometimes colors can be so powerful , that stops you from running and invite you to a discussion


I started alone the climbing to the top , following the eastern ridge with some portions of  wall .
 I reached the summit after 3 hours ,being dehydrated because I forgot down my water- bad mistake. But the feeling here was a limitless ...I could see the black sea in the distance, and  all the memories of my trip, now were coming in to my mind...this was the last peak...and an amazing adventure.

                                                                The main Glacier







                                                  Craudly market in Trabzon


                                way home through the Antolya desert

   In the end, our journey was tremendous, full of problems, but also fulfilling, but most important,  it was a fantastic lesson for me ... I have learned now, that ultimate satisfaction is not on top, but the way you get on top.
     After  more than a month in the Middle East and Caucasus, I knew now who I am, and what I whant.

           Dreams can allways become  reality...important is to believe and  fight for them...

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