The Way to east

So it begain ...


Way through the Antolia Plateu took us almost a week, but the landscape colors were indescribable

Agri town

Here many small children working in various fields, to raise money for their families, this is a habit that is practiced in most cities in the Middle East, poverty here is quite high.

In Agri Town we met many children who followed us and laughed at every step becouse we were a very interesting phenomenon for local area, so they were very sociable, but in one way or another, they always asking us to give them something, and , finally we brought a bag full of candy and we shared between them. Was a total madness, half of the town gathered around us, I really felt like a missionary, but I was so happy that I could bring joy to those children .


Palace of Isak Pasa is one of the most important points, in Kurdistan, both in terms of history, but also because it is in the border area with Iran, a strategic point since the Middle Ages.

Agri Dagi


                                    Way up but still far away.

Adep and his horse Laya

Nomads People were fascinating, they travel each year, hundreds of miles, until they could find the right place for them, and their animals.In most cases women are dealing with animals,and men working as guides or as sherpas on Ararat- already a tradition job in this area.

Tee is a real cultural value that keeps nomads spirit alive for centuries in Kurdistan

 People here were incredible beauty,with a deep and mistique air , still untouched of the society. I could stay hours just to look in the eyes of this girl ,and to see all the secrets of the world gathered in one place.


Kurdish Sherpa led the expedition equipment up to 4200m to the advance camp. But the horses where always in a deplorable state, being forced to cary heavy weight up and down the mointain, over 4000 m l.d .I always saw something special in those horses becouse they whare able to make an incredible effort on a very difficult terrain.

Advance camp - 4200m South Face

Stone Avalanshe-

Iran peace

Romanian Team + Iranian Team

Kurdish songs were one of the things that impressed me profound ,sit with them, dance, sing, and then lern first words in Kurdish, was an experience that i will never forget.


On the summit

Omer- smoking at 5000m

The shadow of the Giant

Iran Plateu

The glaciers in the southern face of Ararat, are almost invisible. Due to global warming, they have retreated under rocks, leaving place to huge rock avalanches.

view to the summit

                     incredible life

In the way to Iran

Long Way Home...

                              Adem, Our friend...

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