Fallowing The Noamds

    a simple life that is based solely on the travel, by some forgotten lands       
                              those are the nomads ... my friends

                    even if I could say I've searched all my life this... we did not found them .. 
                                                              They  found us

                                    boundless beauty

                               even if they are an entire village  ... They are all brothers

    Just sitting and talking with them in a language which nobody knows, meant more than any peak in my life... I found their dreams, feelings, their life, for a while I was one of them.



                           Standing with them, i could not stop smiling, every time was something new.
                                  was like a dream from which I did not want to wake up.

                           Like them the food is simple , but somehow have an amazing taste.

They travel through the desert for months with animals, until they find a good place full of resources to established the camp, they can live in one place  for years .


                                We were treated like kings ,we did't  missed anything.


                    They  never complain, and they always have a reason for joy.
             The happiness is in the simple things, in places where  usually  no one seek for it
                 but they  live in a place like this - in Joy



                                                  our bedroom

I will newer see them again.. or maybe i will newer find them,
 but in one way or another,   I realized what are the important things in life...

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