Georgia- Kazbek



                                        socialist life through communism in Caucaz

                                             mystery and still color in a forgotten place

Even though, I was far away from home, in a country  that seemed to be at least 20 years ago,
    I was enjoying every moment,  Just that strange and Communist feeling , was so interesting.

                                                           Traveling in socialist style

                                                  The Capital -   Tibilisi -  under construction

                                                          highways in Georgia


An incredible country

                                          way through the Caucasus to mother Russia



                                                 nothing has changed

   We ware near the border with Russia, but the landscape was changing permanently ,a rare fealing was  in our face- colors,  the rivers ,the chechen villages , were part of a picture stopped in time, silence was everywhere. 

                               many times a single image  can put you in a forgotten world

                                                      So it begins


         Is really hard to find beauty, but when you find it ..  you  will certainly feel it.

                                      Old Gergeti trinity monastery

                             The giant was  in front of us now...from here on ,
                              everything would be a dream, a story and finally a memory.



                                          little tired after heicking 2000 m l.d in 6 hours

                                                     More than friends

                                                    base camp -free day


      I realized that mountains are God's gift for men
                       the last untouched creation
                               if you managed to be one with what's around you.
                                   you can hear the wind as scratching the rocks

              Climbing on a new rute  through the west- southtern glacier was a hard nut
                                 snow, high winds, fog, crevices, ice wall, rock fall
                                                  All in one- only on promotion

On a baffling time we reached the peak at 14.30 with a delay of over 3 hours from the initial plan.
    From the top you could not see anything becouse  the wind was unbeatable,but the release that after  10 hours of climbing on a icewall full with crevices  was  finaly over...  was fantastic/

                                                                Dyevdorak Glacier

                                         In the old basecamp, cleanliness is entirely missing


                                                 On last view to the main glacier valley
                                                                  Now was over


                                                         Amazing life in   Gergeti village

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  1. Salut, frumos traseu, felicitari ca ati ales sa vizitati si Gruzia. Si eu am fost acolo de 2 ori, sper sa mai ajung si in iarna ce vine.