Christmas day

I've always been impressed by the villagers in the Apuseni Mountains, who live in an amazing simplicity, receiving life as a gift from God and living each moment in peace and quiet. 

Their izolation, devides them by a commercial society, based on consumption.   All they have is the nature surrounding them ,  and animals which is a daily occupation .
 These last communities from Posaga valley are one of the most isolated in Europe.Their  lifestyle had   not changed for centuries . Here, the beauty of wild nature, interweaves with the beauty of people.
We started from a simple sense, sharing the joy of Christmas with these simple people, entering in  a lost world where ancient traditions still exist.
   We looked for the most isolated houses   ,our goal was to help some   helpless viligers to pass the winter easier, giving them some food and some clothes,  and  for the children, we brought  some gifts.

                                                                                             foto : Ruxi Capusan, Georgiana Hinoveanu.


                                                                         pure  joy

        special thanks to Ruxi Capusan ,Nicu Capusan, Ɓukasz Kin, Georgiana Hinoveanu, Paula Dan, and Diana Dan .
                              This project was possible only with the help of GOD

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