A way up ' Monviso

      Happiness is not in happiness, but on the way to it

      I started alone in a rainy day, for a special place, leading to a dream. I decided to take my camera with me and, at least, to surprise, the moment and the time that  will remain forever.  Since from the first months in Turin I was impressed by Monviso , a peak towers up in a singularly solitary fashion, and is therefore well seen from the
 Piedmontese plain and elsewhere.Monte Viso is well known for its pyramid-like shape, and because it is higher than all its neighbouring peaks by about 500 m it can be seen from some distance, My plan was  to try making one of the crest in a solitary manner, but from the beginning, snow in abundance, and highly bad weather, have made  this exit one of the best, where i found myself completely.

                                                                              Start on

    everything was misty and rainy, but curious at the same time

                         Viso , in the flames of clouds

                                        reffuge Q. Sella

 a single point inappropriate, in a perfect silence  the supply helicopter


The speed at which clouds move on Monviso , is downright amazing . Due to strong currents, the performance of clouds at the meeting with the wall is fantastic.

The Ibex goats often prefer to come near the refuge for grassland, goats meeting with the man in this area is not unusual. Actually if you have some food is even possible to feed them personally.

                          Face to face 


    After 2 days in refuge enduring the worst possible weather ,  the time on the Piedmont  centrifuge   was lastly perfect.  Since the beginning i took only the strictly necessary equipment ,knowing that the weather can change here immediately, so the plan of going into a fast and light manner was   the best suited.  I started the ascent  at 4.13 from ref.Q Sellea ,  initially my plan was to make  east  crest  1200 mt from Q. Sella Refuge,Difficulty IV, E exposure, but due to the snow and winter condition, I opted for to southern face  1400 mt from Q. Sella Refuge. Normally, this route, in optimal conditions, is achieved in 5 - 7 hours, but i needed to move faster'' now was the time for which I trained .


 the begainig of the rocky face


I forgot the rope

       From the wall, the sunrise made a fantastic show, playing with the mountain in some unseen colors' was truly a amazing experience, climbing , following the sun.

                                 The rock culoar

         I reached the peak at 6.56  after 2 hours 43 minutes of ascent  in a fast and light style.

Words can not describe what you see, what you feel, what you breathe,  when you're up there.
Is just a dreeam far away from reality  in to  another world.

     Most often what we call happiness is what we do not know.

                              i was finaly happy


fragile link

me, God and the mountain

All the rods have an end

South face

After a successful solo ascent, has not nothing left, but to thank God for all my adventure, enjoying the  landscape from  the  Viso glacier .

On returning I was not rushed at all, and I enjoyed every moment, but seeing the lake, by a blue infinity color, a old habit was keep on  saying: you have to take a bath ... but still the water was frozen... so I only managed to get refreshed''

wildlife is downright spectacular 'on Monviso,. is one of the places where you can touch it

Now little by little i begin to regret the weather, that was  really too good. Given my sensitivity to sunlight, the descent from refuge to Pian de Re was not so easy.Soon, evan the cream which I had not longer cope.


a perfect creation, by a perfect Artist''

each one with his summit

Just no more word ! A bath now!

the end 


  1. Salut, impresionant blogul, dar mai ales aventurile tale... incepi sa te specializezi pe ascensiunii solitare?

  2. Bravo! Bravo! .. in a merge solo sta secretul performantei adevarate!

  3. Formidabil!, am apreciat intodeauna fotografiile deosebite pe care le postezi pe acest blog, Sunt remarcabile ,iar circumstantele unice din care reusesti sa ne aduci mici imagini dintr-o nume situata deasupra norilor e de apreciat.Intr-un fel aveam sansa de-a fii si noi acolo sus!|Felicitari!